The Fun in Funfetti

September 4, 2011

Hello melty colors. Pretty.

Yesterday I whipped up some Funfetti cupcakes for a friend’s gathering (but ended up coming home with half of them… danger zone!). Which, compared to last weekend’s pudding cookie sweatshop (I’ll write about that soon), was a very easy and relaxing task.

Lately if I am performing time-consuming or tedious tasks alone in my kitchen (cooking projects, washing dishes), I will listen to WTF with Marc Maron. (He interviews comedians. It typically gets pretty deep.) So while I cupcake’d, I got to hear Amy Poehler being her delightful self. I still have a lot of cupcakes left, if you want any, Amy Poehler. (And you too, Marc Maron.)

I only have one muffin tin, so it took twice as long to bake everything. Sigh. During the baking, I watched The Soup.

And during the frosting, I watched Thursday night’s episode of Louie. The Funfetti frosting came with oddly baby/Easter-colored sprinkles. And not really enough of them.

A soothing pastel vision.

There’s something very satisfying about the methodical task of frosting things.

When I ran out of pastel sprinkles, I turned to my stash of chocolate sprinkles. So I have a few manly cupcakes. (For Marc, if he wants them. Or Amy. I’m not gonna be sexist about this.) (Or Joel or Louie. You can all have cupcakes.) (Only if you’re in the Los Feliz area.)

Come and get 'em.

Incidentally, Funfetti is a Pillsbury-only thing. The Betty Crocker version was called something like Rainbow Sprinkle Funtimes.

And it was cheaper, but I HAD to go with the REAL Funfetti. Veracity and all.

Happy Sunday/Labor Day! I am taking Mr. Tea on a very special secret surprise Trek today, and I’m very proud of my secret-keeping skills. (Pics to come, I’m sure.)


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COMMUNITY is my Neighbor

September 20, 2009
Hey Chevy, youre in my hood.

Hey Chevy, you're in my 'hood.

Watching the pilot for “Community,” I was struck with an overwhelming feeling of, “I know this place!” Not community college in general, because I’ve never been, but the actual campus that we see on the show.

Well, guess what? Apparently the community college exteriors are filmed at Los Angeles City College (LACC), which is basically across the street from my apartment. (Now you know where I live. Creepy.) I’ve never walked the campus, but I’ve driven by it a million times. (And walked past it maybe… ten times. I don’t live in a particularly walking-friendly neighborhood.)

I might force Roomie to walk over there with me, later. I need to scout for myself!

That aside, I liked the pilot. I love Joel McHale. (I met him at a taping of “The Soup” once, he’s great.) I love Chevy Chase. (My dad used to know him in a vague friend-of-a-friend way, in the 1970s in NYC.) (I get the feeling that a lot of things were vague in the 1970s in NYC.)

My favorite part was Joel’s monologue, toward the end of the episode:

Joel/Jeff: You know what makes humans different from other animals?

Jock Troy: Feet!

Chevy/Pierce: Naw, come on. Bears have feet.

Joel/Jeff: We’re the only species on Earth that observes Shark Week. Sharks don’t even observe Shark Week, but we do. For the same reason, I can pick up this pencil, tell you its name is Steve and go like this [breaks pencil]…

Abed: [Visceral] Ugh.

Joel/Jeff: And part of you dies just a little bit on the inside. Because people can connect with anything. We can sympathize with a pencil, we can forgive a shark, and we can give Ben Affleck an Academy Award for Screenwriting.

Chevy/Pierce: Big mistake.

Joel/Jeff: People can find the good in just about anything but themselves.

It keeps going on from there. But… the pencil named Steve thing really hit home with me. In… K-12 school, used to draw faces on pencils and make up relationship stories between them when I finished tests early in class. (And that’s part of the reason why I was not a popular kid.)

I mean, we’ve all seen THE BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER. Those appliances were abandoned. SO SAD. (And that’s why I can’t throw anything away.)

Especially the Blankie. Don’t even get me started. I have cried so many tears over this movie. (Also, I once lost my Blankie while moving from one house to another.) (Last week.)

Im crying right now.

I'm crying right now.

So… yeah. I will be watching next week. With my best friend. His name is Jackson, and he’s a Blender.


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