Potatoes & Ice Box Cake: The Sequel

April 28, 2011

Looking shrivel-y.

Today I tried roasting the potatoes. I prepared them exactly the same as I did last time (well, I forgot the salt & pepper until the end). Instead of the pouch, I laid them out on foil and roasted them at 400 degrees for a little over an hour. (I only planned on an hour, but I kinda lost track… whoops.)

At first I was worried that the potatoes were burned/shriveled, but they tasted good! (And they were still multicolored, it’s just harder to tell.)

Appearances can be deceiving?

I wish I could somehow combine the pouch potatoes and the roasted potatoes. I’m not sure which I liked better. The roasted ones are more of a snack or a breakfast thing, and the baked ones are juicier and feel more like a side dish. (Maybe if I roasted the potatoes a little less, they would have retained more juice… or maybe I should have cut the pieces a little bigger?)

Oh, and as long as I was taking pictures/eating things, I grabbed another shot of the inside of the ice box cupcake.


That is what it looked like inside! (And then I ate it.)

Okay, back to “The Office.” Watching Michael Scott leave. “Hey, will you guys let me know if this ever airs?” HE TOOK OFF HIS MIC. And missed his cake. (Sorry– spoiler alert.) (Also the new boss is crazy.) (Double spoiler alert.)


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April 28, 2011

I couldn't resist one... but I could resist two.

Lately I have found myself driving past Lark Cake Shop on a fairly regular basis. You may remember that I trekked to Lark in January, specifically to try the Old Fashioned Ice Box Cupcake… but they didn’t have any that day! Foiled. (And that was okay, because it would have been lame to fulfill a new goal– to try their ice box cake– in a few hours flat.) (Goals need time to marinate.)

So the anticipation has been building for a few months. As I was driving west on Sunset today in the mid-day heat, I decided it was finally time to pop in and give it another try.

After the woman at the counter had already wrapped up my Old Fashioned Ice Box Cupcake, I realized that the Gingersnap Ice Box Cupcake was actually a SEPARATE cupcake. Whoops. But the lady told me that she prefers the Old Fashioned (chocolate), so I went with that. As I said to her, “Now I have something else to look forward to (in life).”

She didn’t seem to appreciate my sense of humor, but another guy who came out from the back cake-making area gave me a knowing/concerned smile.

I rushed the cupcake home, worried that the heat would melt it. When I got home I stuck it in the fridge for a few minutes, then opened it up to check on it… and thought it had flipped over.

Nope, just how I look.

But then I realized… oh, the top looks like an upside-down cupcake. Or like a cheerful little marshmallow person.

I cut in, and the “thin chocolate wafer cookies” were surprisingly soft. Really, they just seem like cake. (I wonder if the “molasses ginger snaps” are crispier… as the word “snap” implies.)

Looks like Oreos.

On the inside (where it counts), it looks like a cake made of Oreos, but really soft ones. So… Oreo Cakesters? (In my day… those did not exist yet.)

I wanted to get a better picture of the insides, but I was propping up the slice with one hand… and it was a bit of a messy endeavor.

It also looks like a Pac-Man!

Nom nom nom.

If I were at my work desktop right now, I might have tried to Photoshop that picture. (Yeah, I know some Photoshop now!) (Baller.)

I ended up eating half in my first sitting. (It’s not THAT big. Don’t judge.) It was light, but not SUPER light. I mean… the wafer/cookie was light, but it’s still layered with whipped cream. (Ugh, my doctor told me to try to take a few months to really commit to eating perfectly and lowering my cholesterol… I’m trying my best?) (Does feeling guilty burn cholesterol?)

So that was the Old Fashioned Ice Box Cupcake. I fulfilled a (fairly short-term) dream today… well, half a dream. I still have to try the Gingersnap Ice Box Cupcake! It really is something to look forward to… I’m sure I’ll let you know when it happens. (I suspect I will prefer it, but it depends on the texture/how ginger-y it really is.)


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Snack Trek: Lark Cake Shop

January 30, 2011

Hark, a Lark!

I heard about Lark Cake Shop via LivingSocial. They were offering $25 worth of baked goods for $10. I’d never heard of Lark, but noticed that it’s pretty close to my place. My cupcake-dar began to ping. (Obviously my cupcake-dar could be better, since it took the LivingSocial email to trigger it.)

I browsed Lark’s website and fell in love with the old fashioned ice box cake (look at the bird!), and was totally sold when I found out that I could purchase an old fashioned ice box CUPcake.

What IS old fashioned ice box cake? This is how it’s described on the site: “Thin chocolate wafers or molasses ginger cookies layered with whipped cream, like a 7 layer mini cake.”

Yes, please.

But I didn’t need a $25 LivingSocial to buy a $3 cupcake, so I ditched the internets and took my parents to Lark because they happened to be around that day– and of course they are cupcake fans. I might have to disown them if they weren’t.

(Full disclosure: Earlier that day, I’d already had a bite of a red velvet cupcake at Toast.) (Which is Magnolia and Joan’s adjacent.) (Cupcake-dar ping ping PING!) (Full disclosure: I was so intrigued that I hightailed it to Lark the SAME DAY I got the LivingSocial email.) (Last Sunday… I’m behind in things.)

SADLY Lark did not have any ice box cupcakes that day. Trek fail! But we tried a red velvet cupcake, a carrot cake cupcake, and a Sara’s famous chocolate mousse cupcake.

And I thought the vanilla ones were pretty. Purple!

Don't call these cupcakes plain.

Here’s a cross-section of the red velvet. After some disappointing brushes with red velvet, I was glad to encounter a good one. This was comparable to Sprinkles, and much closer than Beverly Hills (Eastsiders, holla!).

Points for the edible petal.

Anatomy of a cupcake.

I like a good fluffy mousse, but the “famous” chocolate mousse on top of the mousse cupcake was a bit too hard… maybe from being refrigerated?

Mousse on the loose.

But the mousse cupcake redeemed itself, because the cake itself was really good. And there was a CREAM FILLING. Like a Hostess cupcake. I don’t know, I’m a sucker for surprise cream fillings. And it was a light, fluffy, whipped cream situation.


So that was Lark. But I will be BACK for the ice box cupcake. Because I am so intrigued. And I will probably get the vanilla one, too– because it is so pretty.

And next time I’ll call ahead and make sure they actually HAVE ice box cupcakes available.

Happy Sunday night. Is everybody PSYCHED to go back to work tomorrow? No?? What?!


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