August 9, 2011

When I chip you chip we chip.

Typically I am pretty good with my portions. If you give me a big chocolate bar, I will eat it in small chunks over a series of days.

If I bake a spice cake, I will eat it in small pieces, and it will take me at least a week to finish. (I actually did that, but I didn’t blog it yet.) (WHY I did that is still unclear/stupid.)

It is probably okay for me to buy a big bag of Baked Ruffles, but it’s safer to buy the individual-sized bags. (Sometimes the giant bag FEELS like an individual size– you know?)

But I am really bad with ice cream. It calls to me.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Tea and I bought the Dreyer’s Slow-Churned Drumstick ice cream. It’s the best parts of a Drumstick all covered in chocolate and swirled around in vanilla ice cream (a bit like Ben & Jerry’s Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream, which was a danger to my health when we had it in the old office’s kitchen).

I don’t know what it was (perhaps the awesome just-home-from-the-store melty-ness action), but I ate that slow-churned ice cream until my stomach was doing a churn of its own. Maybe half the container, which is probably double the size of a human stomach. I never learn!

Luckily Mr. Tea retained custody of the ice cream, because even after a mundo stomachache, I wanted to eat it again the next day. (See: I never learn!)

When I saw the new Ben & Jerry’s Jimmy Fallon Late Night Snack ice cream at Gelson’s last week (seriously, they carry every flavor of everything), I was mighty tempted by the prospect of chocolate-covered potato chips. But I held myself back, because I just can’t be trusted around ice cream-y goodness.

I ALMOST bought the mini-size of AmeriCone Dream to console myself, but that just seemed like a slippery slope to a freezer full of mini AmeriCone Dreams.

If you’re like me, there IS a way to keep ice cream around the house– sorta. I buy individual-serving ice cream– like the Skinny Cow cones, or the Weight Watchers English Toffee Crunch Bars. And I don’t let myself eat more than one. (I could just ban them from the house, but that would only resort in teeth-gnashing or spending $4/cup at nearby Gelato Bar.)

So yeah, I’m not trying the Jimmy Fallon ice cream unless I can take one scoop and hand off the rest of it to some sort of ice cream parole officer. Until that day arrives (?), I will console myself with the delightful giraffe song. (Apparently the video is expired? WTF, that was the best thing ever.)

(Okay, now I don’t know what to console myself with.)

Another solution: I need to be amongst many, many other people– people who will eat the ice cream before I can go too crazy on it. Basically I need to have an ice cream-tasting party, and send everybody home with the leftovers. (OR they need to release the mini-size of the Fallon flavor.) (No wait, I already nixed that idea.)

How do you deal with those foods that you love so much, you have to set them free (from your kitchen)?


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Snack of the Afternoon, 8/3/09: STEPHEN COLBERT’S AMERICONE DREAM

August 3, 2009
We all scream for ice cream.

We all scream for ice cream.

After the delicious Thai food, I wasn’t actually planning on having a Snack of the Afternoon. But the Vons grocery order arrived during our table read, and we returned to our kitchen to find that they have given us a free pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

The flavor? Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream. It didn’t take much (er, any) convincing to get me to try it. Anything that Stephen Colbert has to offer is generally delicious (no creepy double entendres intended, but now that I’ve drawn attention to it… ha).

I am not a big caramel fan (and I pronounce it ca-ra-mel, in case you’re wondering), but luckily my scoop was light on the caramel. I am a big fan of chocolate-covered waffle bits! How did they stay crisp? Science!

My two co-workers who also partook in the deliciousness (John & Matt!) were discussing the blend of toppings as if the ice cream were a fine wine. Ha.

Of course I liked this ice cream. To dislike this ice cream would be completely un-American. And also– a TV-show related snack? Best of all worlds!

This is America, and so can you.

This is America, and so can you.

Thanks, Vons! Thanks, Stephen Colbert. And especially… thank you, America.

Oh, and we’re still getting fruit leather. What a wonderful world!


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